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Resume Checklist

Before you start writing your resume, ask yourself:

☐ What is the purpose of this resume? Grad school? New job?

☐ Am I switching companies or remaining with the current company?

☐ Will the resume be focused on one position or multiple?

☐ When will I be applying for the position?

☐ Will I be switching career fields?

☐ Where will I be posting my resume?

☐ How do I plan to attract recruiters?

☐ If I get an interview, will I be ready?

Create your Resume Plan

☐ Decide on which resume type you need to use. Take the quiz to find out your resume type!

☐ Once you determine your resume type, you can start mapping your Resume Plan.

☐ Basics of Resume Plan: Contact Information, Qualifications Summary, Skills, Work History, and Education.

☐ Contact Information: think about whether or not you want to share your complete address; make sure your phone number is accurate; list a professional e-mail address; add a LinkedIn profile.

☐ Qualifications Summary: Write this last. Think of it as the thesis to your resume. You won’t know what you’re writing about until you write it. Create your content and then your summary.

☐ Skills: Find the right keywords for the position. 

☐ Work History: List in reverse chronological order – most to least recent. Create a summary of significant challenges and create a section for key accomplishments to list results. Make sure that you have quantifiable results. Use power words to show action!

☐ Education: Name of Institution, Date, and Certificate or Degree Title.

Qualifications Summary

Did you take the quiz to determine your resume type? This is where you will use it. 

If you have a traditional, reverse-chronological resume, your summary will be a summary of your work experience. If you received a hybrid or functional, your resume summary would be lengthy in comparison.

☐ Use 2-3 words that describe your overall personality and work-ethic. Avoid using terms like “excellent communicator” or “team player” and allow the story to tell that you are those things.

☐ In two sentences, give a high-level, impactful overview of what you are known for; for example, “Distinguished sales leader, renowned for forging strong teams and consistently achieving 4x results…”

☐ Below the summary of your summary, list 2-4 bullets with significant accomplishments that you want the recruiter to know upfront.

Put it all together

☐ Contact Information, Qualifications Summary, Skills, Work Experience, and Education.

☐ Create three versions of your document: .pdf, .docx, and .txt - ASCII

☐ TIP: Use the .txt version to apply for jobs online. 

Send it to us for a free review!

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