Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a résumé cost?

That depends. We know that’s not your favorite answer, but it would be unfair to treat everyone’s experience the same. Some of the résumés that we write are for entry-level, which starts at $149, and others are experienced professionals, which starts at $199. That’s why we set up a brief chat to discuss your goals, positions that you’re interested in, and prior work experience. This gives us insight into how we will price your résumé package. 

No fear, we like to consider ourselves as high-quality, low-cost career connoisseurs. We are fair, and we handle each résumé on its merits.

What other career services do you offer?

In addition to résumé writing, we offer LinkedIn profile writing, Interview Prep Therapy, One-on-one Resume Coaching Sessions, personal statements, essay editing, and your various letter writing services - cover letters, thank you notes, resignation letters, etc.

What does the process look like?

For all services, we have a discovery call where we get to know you, your goals, current position, and job interests.

Once you book with us (complete payment), we send you an e-mail with terms, completion dates, and a link to our schedule for you to book your appointment. 

Every service we offer receives a 30 to 60-minute Personal Interview Session. We create targeted questionnaires to develop your story, significant business contributions, and quantitative results.

We then send documents over for you to review, give you time to make changes, and once you accept, we send over final documents.

Why should I choose The Resume Chic Team?

We love it when clients ask this question. We are #3 on the list of Top 10 Resume Writing Services in Central Florida

We understand the importance of investing money into service and getting results. We want to show the best you on paper, and we have a process that allows seamless communication, unique designs, personalized service, and simplicity in interaction.

With us, you get: 

  1. One-on-one service
  2. Personal Interview Sessions 
  3. Flexible scheduling - we work when you don't. We are not a 9a-5p operation because, for full client engagement, the best time to have an interview is when you're free. That's why we schedule our time with you after work and on weekends.
  4. Résumé Optimization - ever heard of an applicant tracking system? We use technology to analyze algorithms and increase your chances of getting an interview.
  5. We have over 16 years of résumé writing experience in multiple disciplines.
  6. Our résumé-to-interview conversion rate is 96%.

We get clients HIRED!

People tend to shy away from bragging on themselves, but during conversations with us, you are in a judgment-free zone, and we encourage bragging. We care about all the small and large projects. We want to know the minute details and how you work. We want to hear about the wins because we use all those details to paint a picture of the real rock star you are in your position.