About Us


Our Mission

We are the point where creativity, research, technology, and experience collide.

We value authenticity, honesty, and accuracy, and this is why you will never see the same resume twice. We do not use templates. Everything we produce is original and unique to your experiences.

Our Vibe

We are resume ninja trapeze artists with colorful personalities and mad writing skills. 

Our Story

The lady loves to write.

Jheneal started this company to help anyone who wanted to further their education or career. Now, she leads a team of writers and editors with the primary goal of consulting and collaborating for the clients' success. Learn more about us by scheduling your free review. We would love to get to know you and your career goals.

We have aided in the successful transition of grad school candidates, students who are new to the workforce, military personnel, employees considering promotions, professionals seeking a career change, and the list goes on... 

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